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Smart logistics: automated control and monitoring systems


Nowadays, the logistics automation and the optimization of logistic business processes become increasingly popular. In modern conditions, companies are in need of the timely delivery and cargo transportation. Various monitoring programs are applied to optimize the company vehicle fleet operation. Such software (SW) can solve the following tasks:

  • to set up the routes with consideration of the transport network model and vehicle ability to pass through various city districts;
  • to determine the logistic path of vehicles (location);
  • to manage vector maps; SW can comprise the editable electronic maps with the associated address databases;
  • to measure the vehicle parameters (speed, amount of fuel consumed, mileage, vehicle idle time etc.).

SW, as the instrument for logistics automation, can perform the data acquisition by means of GPS satellite navigation. Application of automated satellite tracking technologies nowadays is determined by the necessity to control the vehicle fleet operation in order to minimize the expenditures on transport operation and increase the company income. It must be noted, that the modern monitoring systems are not limited to the monitoring of transport on an electronic map. Nowadays these are the multi-level geographically distributed systems, which have the monitoring, management, deep analysis and accounting functions. In case of the equipping of vehicle fleet with GPS, the special equipment with GPS receiver, which processes the satellite navigation system signals, is installed at each vehicle. The data are transferred to dispatching centre by means of cell operator Sim-card, which is built in the monitoring system. The analysis and accounting functions are provided by connection of various sensors and devices to the terminal (“alarm button”, fuel level sensor, vehicle door and capote opening sensor, cargo body lift sensor etc.). As a concrete example of a monitoring system for the automation of logistics at enterprises, we offer to consider Triol Automatic Dispatching Control System software application, developed by Triol.

Triol Automatic Dispatching Control System

This SW performs control and management of the geographically distributed objects in real time. The software collects and analyzes the data about the performance of remote mechanisms, that generate digital information. When using Triol Automatic Dispatching Control System to automate business processes in logistics, user obtains quality data on various logistic indicators. SW allows to perform the company vehicle fleet dispatching (object location, vehicle speed, mileage, vehicle parameter measurement etc.).

The software functionality includes:

  • vehicle fleet operational management (information flows are visualized);
  • possibility of remote control via the Internet;
  • vehicle fleet monitoring and control via applications for personal computer, cell phones and tablets.
  • reliable data protection with the password system;
  • possibility of service dispatching, namely the automatic notification on vehicle fleet operation;
  • possibility of router application to transfer the data from a remote object to PC, phone, tablet, from which monitoring is performed.

It must be noted, that router application allows to send information via GSM, GPRS, 3G mobile communication channels. The function of data duplication by means of two mobile communication sim-card support is provided. Triol Automatic Dispatching Control System application provides for the efficient control and management of the enterprise vehicle fleet, as well as the following maximum economic benefits in the form of:

  • reducing the need for the vehicle fleet expansion;
  • minimization of expenditures on vehicle maintenance and fuels and lubricants due to the route optimizing and vehicle unproductive mileage reducing;
  • vehicle fleet operation optimizing based on data on the actual mileage of transport;
  • reduction of losses, associated with the repair and downtime of vehicles;
  • the increase of the customer transport service.

As you could see, the monitoring systems are the excellent technical solution to optimize the company vehicle fleet operation. As logistics is one of the most important business processes, it is required to apply to the proven producers and distributors of such software only.

Triol Corporation – guaranteed reliability and quality!

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