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Smart&Versatile Triol UMKA Controller


Begin with theory

Electrical equipment and engineers, who perform its control, are arranged on the opposing sites of a single bilateral system serving to fulfill the tasks of an industrial plant. While thinking differently, they must find a common ground to ensure vital activities of a facility. In order to translate machine language and control enginery performance, a special device has been exploited, and its name is Controller. So what is the Industrial Controller what are its functions?  Industrial Controller is a subsystem controlling operation of interconnected devices and, as a general rule, unable to make amendments to the data passing through it. The Controller is capable to format the data flow with its subsequent transmission or recording to a medium of storage. Such devices can be connected to peripheral units or communication channels.

Practice knows best

Triol Corporation in this scope implements its own R&D product designed especially for implementation within a frame of Triol equipment line. This cross-functional microprocessor controller bears a name of UMKA and has its own timeline starting back in 2000. During this period Triol UMKA Controller has undergone multiple upgrades regarding both its software and hardware components. Nowadays, this device constitutes a versatile complete element intended for devices control systems and performs:

– automation of equipment operation;
– optimization of operation modes;
– rapid detection of emergencies and inconsistencies in operating modes of equipment;
– obtaining of operational information about a state of an object on operator’s control panel;
– event logging and data transfer to USB flash media, etc.

Triol UMKA Controller is a customized and smart solution suited for different requirement of industrial tasks by means of developed modifications. Thus, there are distinctive versions of the device available today:

  • UMKA03 for variable speed drives of Triol AK06 series;
  • UMKA04 for switchboards of Triol AK01 series;
  • UMKA27 for middle-voltage variable frequency drives of Triol AT27 series;
  • UMKA07 for variable speed drives of Triol AK06 series (currently under development).

This spectrum covers all the required challenges arising in industrial fields. Triol UMKA03 and UMKA04 controllers are matched with the oilfield purposes, while Triol UMKA27 is designed for general industrial purposes. As for Triol UMKA07, it is the latest technological solution planned to be introduced to the market by TriolCorp in the nearest future.

Qualitatively new approach

Triol UMKA07 is already successfully tested and awaits its hour of triumph. Its layout differs radially from its forerunners. Its front panel contains control keys and a display arranged above is a LCD-TFT touch screen. The display has background lighting to improve visibility in low light conditions, and the operating temperature of the device is in a range of -40 … + 60 °C. It performs the following main functions and features:

  • measurement and display of the VSD and submersible equipment current parameters on the built-in LCD screen;
  • formation with subsequent display of emergency, start-up graphs, U/F;
  • remote control of the motor performance, parameters monitoring, viewing and changing protection settings via RS485 interface of DMS connection;
  • recording data on the submersible motor starts and stops, as well as recording the current parameters in the built-in non-volatile memory;
  • registration of settings changes and their display in the event log;
  • deactivation of the motor at stated triggers (within different protection algorithms, etc.);
  • software update without equipment operation interruption.

An absolute advantage of this modification is its resistive touch-screen capable to react with a gloved contact, which is convenient for areas with cold climate, as well as its user-friendly interface, based on a new operating system.

The ultimate product release of Triol UMKA07 Controller is planned on the beginning of 2019. But even now, it is possible to experience its interface and layout for attendees of expos, where Triol Corporation exhibits its products. Triol UMKA07 is a breakthrough towards a new level of control convenience and equipment performance efficiency, which greatly simplifies interaction with complex electrical equipment.

Got issues with sophisticated equipment control? Make it smart and convenient with Triol solutions!

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