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Solutions for Lifting Equipment


We suggest Triol AT24 Elevator – a special VFD modification – for the use in lifting systems . The Triol AT24 Elevator has all the advantages of the Triol AT24. 

Additional special features of Triol AT24-elevator include:

  • Linear and S-type rates of acceleration and deceleration;
  • Controllable time of acceleration and deceleration;
  • Elevating at increased speed (the drive determines the shaft load and speed excess in comparison with the rated one);
  • 3 modes of braking via an electric motor: applying brake, frequency braking, and dynamic braking;
  • Controlling and monitoring state of operability of elevator brakes and motor contactor;
  • Complex of measures to ensure the safety of passengers in emergency situations, as well as of equipment of an elevator and the drive;
  • Evacuation mode: the drive operates by using one phase and AC 220 V only;
  • Protection from failure of the reducer/multiplier and from winch cable breakage, by applying a brake and transferring emergency signal via relay output.