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Step into the Future: Triol ITA Integrated Solutions for Remote Monitoring in Oil Production


Interactive Technology Assistant (ITA) is an automatic-control system designed to perform monitoring of complex facilities in oil production field. Triol ITA creates a common information space for remotely arranged equipment and as a result unites it into a single integrated system, while its operation can be observed and controlled by an authorized operator worldwide.

Our journey into the future starts from the MT01 router installed by the equipment onsite, namely, that is where Triol ITA begins. The MT01 collects data issued by your equipment and transmits it via the Internet to a server (local/cloud). The server collects, storages and manages information in a database. At a closing stage, all the data is available by means of a web service with a user-friendly interface in a form of tables and diagrams generated on selected parameters at a specified time interval.

With Triol ITA solutions you can:

  1. Exclude data losses and perform proficient investigations on all facts occurred during disconnections since the MT01 collects and stores all information about equipment on SD memory even during network failures.
  2. Apply upscaling to your facilities in live and exclude technical delays related to server shutdowns.
  3. Get crucial data from the facilities instantly via a customized notification service (e-mail, SMS, etc.).
  4. Use flexible frameworks for fine adjustment of equipment operation, including selection of a manual control if necessary, determining operational mode remotely, setting critical values for automatic emergency shutdowns or corrections.
  5. Create a personal work window optimized for your particular requirements due to a simple interface based on optional widgets, introducing information in tables and diagrams.
  6. Classify access level for every user in order to provide information security.
  7. Analyze data archives for a required period in order to perform explicit planning and production optimization.
  8. Manage the required data on a Web platform in a real-time mode.

Enjoy profits of Triol ITA:

  1. Get accurate data instantly (the data access becomes convenient since the database is available online).
  2. Exclude routine inspections (control facilities from worldwide in real-time mode. Keep track of equipment operation remotely).
  3. Decrease maintenance expenditure (prevent losses caused by an irregular running of the equipment. Extend performance life of field assets).
  4. Improve workflow (assure that your maintenance engineers are provided with accurate reports. Speed up an information turnover).
  5. Achieve an efficient management (make decisions based on an incisive data analysis.
  6. Enhance a strategic planning (build a proactive strategy in production management).

Discover future technologies in oil production with Triol ITA!

Got interested?

Follow the news to find out more about solutions based on Triol ITA technology!

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