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Successful application of Triol AT27 Variable Frequency Drive in oil industry


Frequency converters (variable frequency drives or VFD’s) are actively implemented into industrial equipment. This is explained by the reason of tough economy that companies are forced to adhere to because of the high energy costs accompanying their production. With the help of VFD’s, electric motors operate in the optimum efficiency mode, which allows to significantly cut down on costs of electricity, as well as to increase productivity and extend the life of the equipment.

The oil industry requires high reliability of the production process. Especially in terms of the quality of the electrical current supplying the equipment, which directly influences service life of the machinery, safety and profitability of oil production in general.

There are various manufacturers and types of VFD’s on the market. Among them, the medium-voltage multilevel frequency drive Triol AT27 VFD stands out.

Triol AT27 VFD’s are most actively used at enterprises that are engaged in oil production. To maintain profitability and increase labor productivity, these companies have to optimize their production through improving technological processes and applying innovative systems.

AT27 Cabinet-type

                                           АТ27 VFD Cabinet type

Notably, the oil industry uses expensive equipment, which quickly wears out and requires replacement every 5 years. Triol AT27 VFD’s significantly slow down the wear of equipment, allowing companies to save significant amounts of money.

Triol AT27 variable frequency drive is a solution that allows transformation of the current parameters in a way to fully meet the requirements of motors and pumps used in oil production. Triol AT27 is designed for frequency starting and rotation speed control of the shaft in induction motors and PMM up to 120 Hz. Flexible operation algorithms settings enable the application of the AT27 VFD in the reservoir pressure maintenance systems, namely in cluster pumping stations and modular cluster pumping stations. Thus, Triol AT27 VFD usage optimizes the technological processes by increasing the efficiency of the operation.

Triol AT27 VFD combines the functionality of the frequency converter, accumulator battery, as well as step-up and step-down transformers. The drive absorbs an incoming current with voltage of 6kV to 10kV (depending on the type of VFD), lowers the voltage and converts the frequency of the current into the required pattern, and then raises the voltage to the necessary level (in a range of 6kV to 10kV) and outputs the controlled current of the needed frequency.

The power cells, which are an integral part of the drive, make this whole process possible by converting the AC into DC, and then again into the AC. The drive is highly protected against overloads, excess of the maximum output current, short circuit in the load, failure of power cells, power supply shutdown, overheating, unacceptable increase and decrease of voltage, etc.

AT27 power cells

                                             AT27 VFD power cells

Modern measurement and control system allows to reduce energy losses and optimize power consumption, increasing the efficiency of equipment and the drive itself. In addition, the use of the Triol AT27 VFD enables:

O to start the motor with a larger starting torque load on the shaft;

O to improve the reliability of operation and extend the life both of electric motors and of units and mechanisms driven by them;

O to avoid the occurrence of hydraulic shocks in the pipeline system;

O to reduce the failure rate of equipment and the cost of repairs and maintenance;

O to integrate the control of the VFD into an automatic control system for the technological processes of oil production;

O to reduce the number of electrical devices, power cables (and consequently, to eliminate the additional costs at the extraction field) due to the multifunctional and versatile performance of the VFD.

АТ27 VFD has the following versions:

  • cabinet-type;
  • block-box.

АТ27 VFD Cabinet type is an excellent solution for enterprises with limited space, as it has small overall dimensions.

The block-box system is designed for operation in the open air at oil fields at temperatures ranging from -60°C to +50°C. Having the optimal overall dimensions, it can be delivered by any transportation means. Quick installation is possible since it is supplied in the assembled condition. Due to the monolithic design, a re-installation can be carried out as well. When the supply voltage drops, such a frequency drive keeps up to 35% of the equipment’s operability.

AT27 block-box type

                                                              АТ27 VFD block-box version

Triol AT27 VFD has the following main features and competitive advantages, making its use in the oil industry expedient and profitable:

  1. AT27 variable frequency drive is designed taking into account operating conditions of pumping units at oil production sites (voltage quality, ambient atmosphere);
  2. The frequency drive is built up on a reliable element base. Power section uses IGBT transistors, capacitors and diode modules manufactured by SEMIKRON (Germany);
  3. The number of cells in the branch determines the quality of the output voltage and the harmonic composition of the network. The presence of 5 cells in the phase allows the pump to continue operating when the voltage drops to 30% with a proportional reduction in power;
  4. The copper transformer used in AT27 is highly efficient and has better performance indicators, “pollutes” the company’s network less than products without transformers;
  5. A multi-level PWM (30-pulse circuit) is used in the conversion of DC voltage to AC output voltage, which allows AT27 VFD to form a very low level of interference;
  6. Using the principle of “pure sine” (provides compatibility in accordance with IEC 61000-4-7: 2009), due to power modules with IGBT transistors forming a multi-level sinusoid of the supply voltage results in direct conversion. This enables not to install a sinus filter at the output of the converter. Using AIT building technology on SGCT thyristors the voltage distortion is at least 5%.
  7. Multilevel access to VFD parameters (operator, technologist, service) allows limiting unauthorized changes to the system and thereby reducing the risk of emergency situations;
  8. Due to the multilevel construction of the frequency drive, you can easily replace the inverter cell on IGBT transistors and on the serial connection of power cells on your own within 10-15 minutes without the equipment downtime, simply by replacing the cell with the working one from the spare parts kit.
  9. The design of an inverter on IGBT transistors makes possible the bumpless switching of the pump unit to the supply mains and taking it under the control of the drive. In case with SGCT, this function is not available.
  10. We use natural and forced ventilation for cooling, which, unlike the use of water-cooling, eliminates the possibility of leakage and short circuit inside the product.
  11. The integrated controller for managing the operation of the pumping unit and the software for AT27 VFD, which are both the in-house developments of Triol Corporation. We can make changes to the modes of operation specifically for your pumping unit, directly at your facility.
  12. You can come and see yourself how we carry out the assembly and testing of the product manufactured for you.
  13. We provide training to your personnel on the operation of our equipment. Training is possible both at your site and at our factory.
  14. After-sales service: the specialist visits the site within the shortest possible time.
  15. Spare parts of the product are available at the factory for 15 years, to provide prompt service at any time.

Triol AT27 variable frequency drive is a solution to the problems of oil companies and your way to increase your income!

Triol Corporation – optimize your oil production with us!


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