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Successful co-develompent of VSD with Dual Input Harmonic Filter


Good Day, Artificial Lift professionals!

Today, I would like to share with you good news on Triol recent experience of co-developing the unique solution for cleaner power electric networks.
It is not a secret that higher levels of Total Harmonic Distortion (THD) / Total Demand Distortion can drastically affect the proper performance of the Artificial Lift electrical equipment and its life span in the Oil Field. The good examples of such are ESPs and cables. Moreover, the harmonic impurity of the sideline affects surface equipment too within an electric power distribution network.
Today, the use of non-linear loads is on the rise globally. Speaking of an Oil Field environment – the usual source of these are rectifiers used in Variable Speed Drives. With an increasing number of oil wells drilled and operated every year, the isolation for poor quality distribution systems and mitigation of harmonics becomes more and more important. Thus, as per IEEE 519, for Electric Power Systems it is suggested to keep THD/TDD levels as low as possible and this becomes a shared responsibility of system owners, operators, and users.
To address the THD / TDD issue, at the beginning of 2019 TRIOL has teamed up with an American research, development and service company, Magney Grande. Very shortly after preliminary discussions between two companies, Triol has designed a unique TwinPower 519 VSD, 515 kva. Thanks to its built-in uniquely designed Dual Input Harmonic Filter, The TwinPower 519 VSD offers two-time output power reduction while maintaining lowest levels of THD / TDD.
Thus, even at 40% load the 515-kva VSD capable of keeping the THD level at less than 8%, while TDD shows around 3,33%. When reaching 70% load, the VSD already offers less than 4% THD.
Together with Magney Grande, the beta version of TwinPower 519 VSD has been introduced at recent SPE symposium on May 2019, Houston, USA. And immediately, it has drawn a lot of attention from major US operators, s.a. XTO Energy, Chevron, Diamonback, Apache, Concho, SM Energy, Pioneer, and others. No wonder – operators are the ones who get really affected by poor quality electric network: pricy submersible cables need to be replaced sometimes as often as every 4-5 months. ESP motors underperform or also do not show long enough life to justify the investment.
The beta version of TwinPower 519 is now being tested together with Magney Grande CMF (common mode filter) and SPD near Midland, with XTO Energy. So far, the results are outstanding: everyone admits that there is no similar solution on the market to offer such level of low THD performance.
I would like to congratulate everyone at Triol and Magney Grande with this great achievement and I am sure there is a great future for TwinPower 519 VSD!

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