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Daria Getsman

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Good tidings, Dear Readers of my blog.

Today’s blog lines I would like to devote to one more product that is in the development of my Department – an inverter for a solar power station.

I will not dwell on skills-based part in a way that Sun energy is a renewable energy source, an ecologically pure “fuel”, and, obviously, the development of this segment is welcomed by the whole world. I will focus on our ideas, which we laid down in the decision to control the Sun energy.

Every year in numerous countries the solar-powered generation is replenished by hundreds of megawatts. At the same time, the location of these objects is very extensive. In the light of these facts, we are bringing to the market a new product – Complete system of power distribution and conversion. Let’s have a look what idea is behind this name.

During development of this product, we were guided by the following principles: reliability; compactness; mobility; ease of installation and commissioning; efficiency; operation in any conditions and in the open air. And how has that been for us?

Solar Power Conversion System developed in block-box type with the 6-fold redundancy of inverter part and capacity of 2.5 MW. This system possesses 50 percent of the ventilation margin; has external connections on the principle of Plug&Play with the ability to quickly install and run. There is an ability to install this block-box both on a base plate and on a sub-ballast. The main specifications are shown below.

This configuration allows us to gain a system of generating solar for tens of megawatts with a multiplicity of 2.5 MW with the further strapping in switchgear apparatus solar power. Besides, we take the challenge to the effectiveness of the entire system, which resulted in a whole library of algorithms. But I will tell you about them in the next blog.

I hope that my blog was interesting and not boring for you. Please send your comments and questions. I will be glad to answer them.

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