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Artificial Lift Surface Equipment

Switchboard AK01 Series

Artificial Lift Surface EquipmentTriol AK01 with NEMA 3/4/4X enclosure is a reliable, safe and low-cost solution for controlling submersible motors with 600 V to 5 kV voltage ratings. Switchboard Triol AK01 is designed for controlling and protecting electric submersible pumping units for crude oil production equipped with motors of ESM.

Host of functions:

  • Motor switching on/off;
  • Current optimization after reaching a preset value of the motor frequency;
  • Manual control of motor speed from UMKA-03 controller and remote control from a dispatching point;
  • Automatic change of the output frequency according to a preset timing diagram;
  • Motor automatic starting after selectable delay when the supply voltage is applied;
  • Automatic maintaining of some process parameters (pressure, current) at their setpoints;
  • Measurement and indication of current parameters of submersible pump and VSD on the integrated liquid-crystal display;
  • Motor remote control, monitoring of motor parameters, uploading and downloading of protection settings through telemetering system (downhole measured equipment) via RS485 interface etc.

There are two modes of operation provided by Switchboard Triol AK01:

  • Manual without automatic restart after a trip
  • Automatic with automatic restart after a trip
  • Automatic with operation according to preset timing diagram