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Systems Approach: Taking Performance to New Levels in Power Solutions


Global trends emerging in the 21st century show how harmful a human interference can become in a course of time. The planet, that we call Home, changes its appearance constantly under an effect of modern technologies and irreversible globalization. A great contribution to the present environmental issue has been made by a rapid growth of energy consumption occurring worldwide.

In order to negate such consequences, the society proceeds to cooperate closely, uniting states, territories and individuals, which creates challenges and opportunities simultaneously enabling a transfer from a carbon-intensive to a low-carbon perspective.

By 2018, over 150 countries have implemented a policy of stimulating investments in a clean energy.

An impressive progress in influence on a common energy scenery has been already made by means of implementing efficiency measures, based on clean energy technologies, aiming to improve environmental conditions, decrease fossil fuels dependence and energy prices. Currently, a renewable energy is the fastest growing power source, accounting for 40% of an increase in energy, which results from a global agenda assumed by international agencies, such as the IEA, the IRENA, the EPA, the EU and others.

For example, the EU aims to increase a share of renewables to at least 20% of total consumption by 2020, and achieve energy savings of more than 20%; and the IRENA stipulates the share of sustainable sources in the US energy mix to reach 10% by 2030, while facts show that the country is able to scale up renewables even to 27%.

 30% of global electricity can be produced from wind and solar energy.

Solar energy is the most available sustainable energy source among all due to the fact, that total solar emission to the Earth’s surface reaches 152424×1013 kW of energy, which is 20 thousand times higher than the consumed energy of the traditional energy sources, therefore it is used worldwide and becomes increasingly popular for generating electricity purposes.

Photovoltaics (PV) constitute electronic devices that convert sunlight directly into electricity, and were invented in 1954 at Bell Telephone Laboratories in the United States. These days, PV is one of the fastest-growing renewable energy technologies, willing to gain the lead in the global electricity future.

From less than 10 GW worldwide in 2006, installed solar PV capacity reached nearly 300 GW in 2016. In 2017 new solar PV capacity around the world grew for over 74 GW. Solar PV installations can be combined to provide electricity on a commercial scale, or arranged for personal use. Implementing solar energy in industrial field is a question of a present interest.

Matching up the solar energy with equipment power supply requires a solar inverter utilization.

To energize industrial facilities, it is necessary to bring a DC power, generated by the PV-panels, into a compliance with an electricity grid, powering a Customer’s equipment, that, generally, operates at AC voltage of a stated frequency.

To fulfill this task an installation of an inverter, namely an electronic device changing the DC to the AC, becomes essential. Triol AE01 inverter is a considerable choice in the market of devices intended to take advantage of the solar energy from the PV-panels for industrial purposes and to generate ecologically clean electricity with its subsequent converting into a common energy system with a frequency of 50 Hz and a voltage of 6 kV or 10 kV. This product manufactured under Triol Corporation brand has standard execution of a block-box and constitutes a flexible and adjustable solution able to meet any individual requirements of the Customer. In addition, its supreme technical concept founded on the latest engineering achievements ensures low expenditure for installation, commissioning and maintenance.

Triol AE01 provides an efficiency rate of not less than 98%.

Triol AE01 constitutes an intelligent system, including up to 6 power cells, an output transformer and switching equipment, and designed to operate in different environment, both indoor and outdoor. Quick installation and easy integration provide a high usability of the product, and a smart algorithm of emergency analysis and a function of recording data into logs ensure safety of operation of Triol AE01. Duplicated power supply and protection circuits, as well as using UPS, facilitate reliable run of the equipment.

Triol AE01 is a final touch for enterprises, which have chosen a line of sustainable energy, to become efficient and reduce expenses on power supply of their facilities.

Triol Corporation always keeps track of modern trends in energy sector and contributes to the planet wellness by introducing its innovational technologies for sustainable power harness.

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