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Systems for network quality modification – are they so important?


Systems for network quality modification – are they so important?

Really, is it so important? – No, if you’re ready to pay for extra power consumption, or to replace equipment earlier then it was written in run life data, you won’t think about it.

Poor power quality effects are the following: overheated transformers and cables, excessive current in neutral conductors without any explicable cause, tripped protective devices, flickering lights, computer failures and data network problems, interference in telephone lines or inexplicably increases energy costs.

But, if you’re on your way to improve your operating and cost efficiency for a long-term it’s better to think about it properly.

Usually, that kind of problems exist in the system which uses all non-linear loads, such as power electronics equipment including VSDs, switched mode power supplies, data processing equipment, high-efficiency lighting.

Waveforms caused by voltage or current supposed to have non-sinusoidal shape. The waveform corresponds to the sum of different sine-waves with different magnitude and phase, having frequencies that are multiples of power-system frequency.

As a solution there are several main methods to solve it:

  1. Using the different type of filters which installed on the line side and filtering waveforms from non-sinusoidal to sinusoidal type.
  2. Special input section for a nonlinear loads controller – in our case we speak about VSDs for electrical motors, with a special type of input rectifier (usually 18 or 24 pulse rectifier)

Filters give us an opportunity to put it in an existing system and improve power quality. But, as a part of a line and based on inductors (usually) this filter increases power losses at the line – the good is that these loses usually less then loses in case of poor power quality.

Of course, there are filters which we call active and it means that it’s not only inductor, it is an inverter which can cut bigger spectrum of non-sinusoidal forms, and provide better power efficiency.

Special input section – usually used in VSDs and based on the special type of inverter and required not a common 3 phase, but 9 or 12 minimum, depends on the application. In that case, the application keeps the same level of power consumption but requires special phase shift transformers.

And then we speak about load side (without VSD), that system can’t be used.

At the end of the day, both of that solutions happen to be on the market, and actively used in the projects. Depends on the application or long terms plans, it can be effective to use even combination of those solutions.

And the good thing is that Triol supply you drives with, already built-in filter at motor side.

And we have a solution for the grid side, depending on your requirements 😉

See you in my next blogs!

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