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Task for starting Triol Robot motion


Hello, dear Readers of my blog!

Our team is gradually moving forward in the development of our Bipedal robot.

We have already implemented a “slow walking” for our first prototype and this time I’m going to tell you about this achievement in details.

We performed significant changes in the design of the robot such as the configuration of joints actuators and the control system. All these modifications were done for the implementation of the movement.

Altogether, we executed the following tasks:

  1. Maintenance of the specified route of joint corners using a 3-level system of position regulation.
  2. Optimization of the configuration of the joint drives for dynamic movement and maintaining the static positions of the robot (for example, stability on 1 foot).
  3. Sensor control of BLDC motors – in 4 quadrants with a speed range from 0 to 850 radian per second.
  4. Ensuring the reliability of the structure for daily experiments on movement.
  5. Ensuring the accuracy of measuring the angles of the robot joints, taking into account the use of calibration, which allows achieving the accuracy of 0.2 degrees, and this is enough to implement the gait on our construction.
  6. Calculation of body position and the center of mass in space according to the data of joint sensors.
  7. Route planning (stop and CM), which is performed by 2 methods: by the method of direct calculation of joint angles and back plus stability checks, as well as by predictive control methods (MPC).
  8. Optimization of gait parameters and synchronization of the phases of the step to provide motion without feedback.

Now we are working on accelerating the movement, and now we need: to more accurately form the given calculated coordinates of the key points of the robot (pelvis, foot, center of mass,); consider differences in the robot model from the actual configuration of the robot’s component parts; evaluate the acceleration of body parts.


Leave your comments below. See you in my next blogs!

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