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Technological aspects of variable speed drive Triol AT27 block-box manufacture


Manufacture of variable speed drives Triol AT27 in block-box version has its own technological aspects that are caused by big dimensions of equipment. Today I want tell you about these in more detail.

At first the metal frame is made. Technical process is composed to minimize the equipment relocation in the workshop.

After welding and conditioning product quality control is conducted by both staff and quality assurance unit.

Equipment painting is made by primer coat and paint with improved mechanical properties (increased hardness, wear and corrosion resistance).

Such strong and reliable frame is obtained with help of professionals from fitting and welding division.

Assembly and erection process takes two weeks. Manufacture of one product requires crew of 4 assemblers and 4 erectors.

Cleanliness and damage protection of metal frame during assembling are ensured by work rules and everyday box cleaning.

Transformer installation is important mission. Transformer weighs more than 3 tones and it’s installed in the block-box by crane.

Transformer before installation:

Cells are manufactured in parallel to this process. Now these are ready for the installation into transformer.

Each cell passes load tests that guarantees 100% functional ability of the end items.

Cabinet unit is ready for the cells installation.

The cells are transported in the workshop by transportation dollies.

The cells cabinet is assembled.

Control cabinet erection. This process is easier, because erection could be made on the table.

The control cabinet is removed to the test station after assembling is finished.

Test engineer has to accomplish:

  • exterior inspection,
  • check of electric schematic diagram compliance,
  • measurement of insulation,
  • check of insulation electric strength,
  • conduction of controller firmware,
  • conduction of controller firmware,

The cabinet is ready for installation!

Product is encased in thermal insulation and sandwich panels. Product marking is made. Color and design of equipment are chosen by Customer or we could use the corporate ones.

Final stage is adjustment of the doors and cleaning.

Quality assurance unit checks the exterior view of the product.
Triol AT27 in block-box is removed in workshop with the help of a runway beam and transportation dollies.
The most significant part of manufacturing process consists of maintenance and tests.
Erection checking.

Program and procedure of tests involve wire identification for all electrical circuits, measurement of electrical insulation resistance, checking of insulation electric strength, checking of units operation.

Load tests are done with nominal load. There are two test stands for 6 and 10 kV.

Step up transformer (range 0,4 … 6 kV).

After testing Triol AT27 is packaged and loaded into the car.

Products at Customers facility.

Triol Corporation works for you!

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