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Technology of coil wrap for dry-type transformers developed by Triol Corporation


Triol Corporation proceeds to the new stage: the stage of independent production of transformers in favor of increasing the quality of products and its reliability.

The decision was successfully implemented. Currently, the company has produced more than 30 Variable Frequency Drives Triol AT27 with its own dry medium voltage transformers and performed their successful implementation at the enterprises of customers.

Triol transformers have the following advantages:

  1. Ability to develop transformers for any voltage and power;
  1. Absence of retaining fans, which increases the reliability of equipment;
  1. Passage of the system of the whole test cycle.

Below is the process of implementation of Triol dry-type transformers, namely the winding of the coils.

In the manufacture of transformer windings, electrical insulation materials of the thermal resistance class H (180 ° C) are used, and copper bars are the main material of the windings. The application of these solutions allows improving the weight and size parameters of variable frequency drives.

In Triol Corporation, there are two proven technologies – separate stage winding, when welding of pairs of rings takes place, and direct – on the insulating cylinder.

Separate sectional winding

The first stage of the process is preparatory. In the spindle of the machine, a special device is installed and fixed for the section winding of the BH coils or a mandrel for installing the cylinder, if it is required to perform a direct winding on the cylinder.

In the manufacture of winding sections, the wire is placed in the groove and the winding of the coil section is performed. After coiling the first section, windings are tightened with cable couplings. Then, the wire is marked and, the coil is unwound by 0.5 turns. The next step is to perform the transition (from one coil ring to the next) using the forming tool. Transitions are insulated with NITOFLON 903UL adhesive tape with 50% overlap in several layers.

Next, the wire is fixed using a clamp and winding one turn. The wire, placed on both sides relative to the transition, is isolated with the NITOFLON tape and reinforced with Micanite, after which the coil section is wound. Then both rings are tightened by means of cable ties.

At the end of the process, the section is removed from the rigging and stacked on the rack.



Continuous winding

The process of continuous (direct) winding is performed on a cylinder mounted on a mandrel. In this case, both the sections and the wire are installed on a special profile of the I-section. This is necessary to ensure a clearance between the cylinder and the coil. There is also a gap between each winding ring for cooling.

The finished winding is compressed with the help of a tooling and impregnated with varnish, and then baked. This is necessary to improve the mechanical, insulation and thermal characteristics of the windings.

Before and after baking, windings are tested, under which the winding resistance and the insulation state are tested. After carrying out all the necessary tests, a release protocol is drawn up, which describes all the operations that have been dropped out.

Next, the transformers are assembled directly, which we will discuss in the next article.

Triol Corporation – high-quality technology for your business!

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