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Test Units for Downhole Sensors: Preventing Most Frequent Failures


Downhole measuring system (DMS) is a solution designed to perform automated collecting measurements and other data from submersible equipment and transmit it to receiving equipment for monitoring. This type of equipment is in-demand in modern oilfield due to features of involved technological processes. DMS is installed on the electric submersible motor (ESM) and / or at electric submersible pump (ESP) and executes exact measurements of equipment performance. Customers often meet complexities of DMS implementation due to rough operational conditions, as well as failures arising during tripping operations, such as armored cable breakage or system depressurization.

Triol DMS Test Unit layout

Test Unit layout

Triol Corporation knows how to deal with DMS failures occurring during tripping and how to cut contingency losses. We provide Triol DMS Test Unit as an efficient solution to ensure monitoring of DMS parameters during running in either to prevent breakages. This unit combines versatility, mobility and ease of control, as well as high reliability of operation in different ambient conditions. Triol DMS Test Unit is an electronic device intended to perform diagnostics of submersible DMS parts, checking efficiency during lowering down into a well. Triol DMS Test Unit receives and processes operational data of the submersible unit, connecting directly with the ESM cable line or via zero point. Resulting information is displayed on operator’s screen and external indicators. As a result, examination during a session connection with downhole sensors becomes possible.

Structure diagram of Triol DMS Test Unit

Structure diagram

Triol DMS Test Unit provides:

  • Reliable control over the submersible equipment parameters under different weather conditions;
  • Online monitoring of the submersible equipment parameters without applying voltage to the well;
  • Identification of failures promptly before installation work is completed;
  • Increase in operating efficiency of the personnel;
  • Increase in personnel safety and decrease in number of failures in the process of tripping and during installation.

Parameter list

Unit rated supply voltage110-220 V ±30 %
Supply mains frequency50/60 Hz ± 2 %
Consumed power, not more than200 W
Battery mode, not less than120 min or 20 measuring runs
Ambient temperaturefrom -20 °С to +55 °С
Relative humidity at temperature of +25°C, at no condensate dropout100 %
IP rating, not less thanIP67
Absolute altitude, not more than1000 m
InterfaceRS-485, RS-323
Data-transfer rate, not less than9600 bps
Overall dimensions454 х 324 х 171 mm
Weight11.2 kg

Triol DMS Test Unit is versatile and adjustable equipment designed to inform operators preliminary on failures occurring during tripping of different types of DMS. This solution is compliant with equipment produced by different manufacturers. Transportability of the unit is achieved by compact size (454x324x171mm), low weight (11kg), case enclosure execution, and self-contained power (contains rechargeable batteries for at least 120 min of operation or 20 measurement cycles without a power source). The unit is arranged in protected Peli 1520 case with degree of protection of IP67 during transportation and IP33 during operation. Also Triol DMS Test Unit creates and stores more than 870,000 records in data logs; its control interface is simple and intuitive.

Triol Corporation ensures quality of offered solutions at every stage of equipment utilization. Triol DMS Test Unit provides a complete set of tests for DMS of different manufacturers and performs diagnostics of all DMS sensors, as well as a state of insulation line. As a result, the solution brings essential cut in expenditure for failures repair and tripping operations for the Customers. Contact us to get more information on this and other Triol solutions for essential increase in profits.

Triol Corporation provides advanced solutions for efficient use only!

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