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Daria Getsman

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Tested equipment means reliable equipment!


Equipment testing is finite and most important part of manufacturing process. The main goal is to ensure that product corresponds to Customer requirements.

Equipment testing is performed at specially created area (test station) of Manufacture department. Product passes the load tests after arrangement procedure. It allows to check station activity under the nominal load, which is controlled by two electric motors connected to each other.

The staff of Manufacture department consists entirely of high quality engineers. Staff members come to this department only after successful performance in other divisions. Most of startup and testing engineers have the experience in equipment maintenance.


Let’s take a closer look at testing process using variable speed drive as an example.

Acceptance tests are made for each product. Firstly engineers conduct exterior inspection and check for compliance with design documentation. Next step is functional check of both entire product and separate units and controllers firmware upgrade.

Further step is checking of variable speed drive with nominal load. This process involves multiple start-stops, arrangement of automated operations, calibration, adjustment and measurement of parameters.

Our test station allows to load variable speed drive with nominal electric current up to 1600A and nominal voltage up to 10kV, The type of load tests influences on its duration (from 5 to 72 hours of continuous working).

Test log of product is checked by quality assurance unit and kept in company’s database during the whole service period.

We have installed the climatic cell at the test station for qualification and periodical tests. Longstanding load tests are made for new or modernized equipment at critical temperatures (from -50 °C to +50 °C).

Transportation tests are the part of qualification ones. They are carried out on the vibrating plate, which imitates the product transportation down the rough roads during minimum 7 hours.

Products pass the exterior control after transportation tests to check the reliability of joints and constitutive elements. Then we one more time turn on the variable speed drive and check its operability. Products get the final quality check after all tests are done. Then equipment is packaged and delivered to the Customer. We all the time improve testing process in order to maximally imitate product operation in actual conditions.

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