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The advantages of Triol AT24 VFD


Hello, dear readers!

We always carefully test all our products and for this purpose, we created our own production area and testing base. To develop Triol AT24 VFD we considered our Clients’ needs and created an innovative Triol AT24 VFD: multifunctional, high quality, efficient, manufacturable, space-saving, reliable product.

Let’s have a look at the key advantages of Triol AT24 VFD  :


Triol AT24 VFD controls almost all types of AC/DC drives by providing enhanced I/O connectivity and compliance with all essential protocols of industrial networks. Triol AT24 VFD is designed to work in wide range of power and voltage.

Compatible :

Triol AT24 VFD is compatible with almost all kinds of technological processes, automated systems and corresponds to all individual commercial requirements. It is designed to work with equipment of any power, impel by electric motors in different fields of industry including military and defense industry.


Due to its compact size and advanced functionality Triol AT24 VFD easily replaced  any competitor producers VFDs .


Drawdowns up to 30%, glazed boards and property to work in hostile environment.


Advanced drive due to such things:

  • factory settings of VFD that provide quality management in a first launch.
  • embedded control algorithms: scalar U / f-control, flux vector control without encoder and square law Kn²;
  • improved dynamic specifications while acceleration and braking;


  • availability from warehouses of the company and their Partner’s deports.
  • lowest value and ownership price among VFD of the same type.


  • 3-levels interface system
  • Visualization of parameters
  • recording of technological modes into the file for settings transfer.

Furthermore, Triol AT24 VFD is a universally-compatible drive. Providing more efficient usage of technological processes Triol AT24 VFD provides energy consumption reduction, improved performance, flexibility as well as ease of use. Universal compatibility means that exploitation and maintenance of Triol AT24 VFD is a complex operation. All mentioned above is a basic for selection of VFD AT24 as a universally-compatible equipment.

According to our researches, 90% of Customers who use VFD AT24 gives us  positive feedback about the product. VFD is a warrant of reliability, ease of use and time savings of any appliance !

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