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Daria Getsman

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The application of the high-quality Semikron modules in VSDs


During the last two years the export sales become the focus area of our company’s work. That’s why our technical staff had to learn the requirements from new customers and implement the best technical solutions for their requests.

Triol Corporation has the practice of technical proposals presentation. We discuss possible ways of solutions and choose the best of them depends on different criterions. One of the main objectives in our product lines is a power circuit which includes IGBT-modules, the thyristor and diode power modules. Certainly, the best technical solutions can’t be implemented without quality components, which passed tests in period in the range of our products. When our experts offered the application of Semikron modules in the power circuit for variable speed drives it was supported by everyone.

About twenty years ago we had to choose the modules among several different manufacturers in the process for the first product of Triol Corporation development. At that time we chose the Semikron company. Currently we are working together under the quality of our products and modules. Over the last years we did not change our mind about the modules of this manufacturer and spread their solutions for our new products. Their modules had passed the test successfully in a mass production. Each use is an evidence of the fact that our decision was correct!

What do we like in Semikron company work? Openness to feedback, effective partner work with the Client, leading position in the area of their products modernization for better quality and satisfaction of clients requirements technical support readiness to help clients are main Semikron features.

Currently we can say for sure that we have established the high-quality equipment in the power circuit, which allows us to produce competitive products and achieve new markets goal!

The application of the…


During the last two years the export sales become the focus area of our company’s…

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