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The Art of Successful Negotiation


Negotiating is an art as old as time itself. Negotiation might lead to an immense growth of a business as well or its immediate demise, and therefore should never be underestimated.

Negotiations can easily turn into arguments, whether or not it is an integral part of the success of any company, and the choices we make, determines the efficiency of their conduct.

Successful negotiation isn’t about compromise, but about effective communication resulting in an agreement that either party is satisfied with. Once you’ve decided what you want to accomplish the next step is a strong opening bid. In business negotiations this is a fine line because you want to offer something just outside of your ideal parameters with the knowledge that their counter-offer will most likely bring the deal into your acceptable range. Again, you want to acknowledge that your opening bid will rarely be accepted immediately. Anticipate this and focus on getting the most out of the process.For best results, you must consider the possibility of compromise, to discuss in detail the concept and development of solutions.

Today I want to tell you about the conduct of the recent negotiations. In discussions with Customer, I found out that they use multiple pumps and at the same time do not use either frequency drive (inverter) or a smooth start at the pumping station of the enterprise.

The system is very simple, though inefficient: when the control range of the flow rate varies, the SCADA includes an additional pump or turns off an extra one. Depending on the flow rate, one, two, three or more pumps are able to operate to provide a predetermined level of pressure with a high accuracy.
This situation prompted me to propose the drive. The Customer was brief: “It is expensive to install the drive on each motor.” Fortunately, I recommended an effective and economical solution that eventually convinced my opponent. You would like to know what did I suggest, the thing the customer had not yet faced with? It is Triol AT27 medium frequency drive, one piece for the entire motor group.

Also, we reached a compromise in the implementation of the system by connecting the pump automation, and not from the internal drive controller. It is carried out as follows: a predetermined pressure is automatically provided at low cost – controlled operation of the pump, while increasing the flow controller (FC) it controls the operation of switchgear, drive gently transfers the first motor on the network, and then smoothly connects the second motor and regulates its operation. If it is insufficient, in the same way it connects the third and fourth pumps. If the system is turned off the action goes in reverse order, that provides a predetermined level of pressure and constant regulation, excluding hydraulic and mechanical shock.

Programmatically, you can regulate the life of each pump unit with switching at predetermined time intervals. Also, the drive can automatically monitor the service life of motors, thereby ensuring their smooth wear. As a result, the switching and control work became soft and energy-efficient.

Thus, Triol frequency drive can be used instead of the whole group, simplifying the control, while saving money and space for the installation. It’s important to keep in mind that most negotiations can be a win-win situation.

Ultimately, effective negotiations help build stable business relations, avoid conflicts and above all – bring income to your company. As we know the art of successful negotiation is not always an easy, and a good negotiator, one that will be dealing with customers and colleagues, apart from having excellent people skills, needs to know what not to do when it comes to potentially offending the other negotiating party.

So, how do you negotiate like a professional?

The Art of Successful…


Negotiating is an art as old as time itself. Negotiation might lead to an immense…

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