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Daria Getsman

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The first supply of AK01 NEMA4 to Kuwait



Today I would like to tell you about our first supply to Kuwait.  In spring 2015 the switchboard for Electric submersible motor Triol AK01 NEMA4 was shipped there.

Our company engineers will provide training for Customer’s specialists. Training course will familiarize service engineers, operators and maintenance staff with the nuances of the launch, control, service and maintenance of the switchboard AK01 in NEMA4 enclosure. This allows to obtain effective feedback from the customer, provide experience and knowledge exchange, tighten technicians cooperation.

The switchboard AK01 NEMA4 was specially designed by our engineers for electric submersible pumping units control and protection of submersible motors for crude oil production. I would like to mention, that this switchboard is one of the most popular products manufactured by Triol Corporation.

Based on my work experience in Sales, Triol AK01 NEMA4 is budget-oriented, safe and secure solution for oil wells control with power supply 5 kV. I would like to point out that NEMA4 protection degree is one of the main distinctive features of this switchboard cabinet. More detailed description of  Triol AK01 NEMA4 you can find here.

Due to combination of functional characteristics and design solutions this product was highly appreciated by our customers in Russia, South and North America. I am very proud and pleased  that our equipment is represented in Kuwait, one of the biggest oil markets in the world.

I am sure that supply of AK01 NEMA4 to Kuwait was significant step in international experience development for Triol Corporation. 

Best regards,
Dmitriy Kotlyarov

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