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Daria Getsman

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The outcome of the Triol AK06 Drives work in the Romania fields


First of all let me introduce myself. I am Anton Kolesnychenko, new account manager in the big Triol family. Want to share with you the results of my talk with the one of our partners from Romania Mr.Viktor Parshakov who is an administrator in NOVOMET Artificail Lift S.R.L.. Romania.

Our Drives AK06-A-100, AK06-A-160, AK06-250 were sent to Romania few years ago so right now that’s a great time to get reference. According to Viktor the performance of the drives is still great and all the issues which have being occurred during operation were fixed without problems and it did not take much time due to our technical support engineers prompt feedback referring any customer’s request.

One of the problems has happened last winter when it was really snowy in Romania and the snow clogged heat sinks. After we got information from NOVOMET as for this issue our engineers fixed it at field and we changed the radiators and VSD design to prevent this happen in future. There was one more issue with few IGBT transistors and we have solved it and made our drives more reliable. Because of poor isolation the snow which stuck inside caused short circuit. To solve this problem currently we are using Semikron IGBT transistors to ensure components quality and safety.

Viktor says that Novomet Romania is open for the cooperation with Triol products in the new regional projects. We are expecting to get them soon. I want to wish Viktor and whole Triol and NOVOMET team success in the new beginnings.

Right now we are doing our best to extend cooperation with NOVOMET Argentina and Ecuador. Few days ago I came back from business trip to Latin America where we had meetings with our current and potential customers.

For sure my new post will be about key moments and interesting facts of the trip to Latin America! See you!

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