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The Vital Role of VFD transportation and storage


The activities of any commercial organization must be focused on customer satisfaction by providing high-quality products. Customer satisfaction is essential for business success in today’s marketplace. It is an abstract concept and involves such factors as the quality of the product and the quality of the service provided. Level of customer expectation has engendered an industry-wide search for the quality high level of customer service and greater cost-effectiveness. Maintaining the quality of goods is mostly formed when an aggregate application of certain measures is applied. Such measures should include proper storage of goods and compliance with transportation. A company is only as strong as the quality of the good and services it produces.
What is the role of transportation in achieving customer satisfaction? This blog seeks to identify the problems and find out possible measures and solution to the problems.
Let’s talk about the transportation issues of such product as variable frequency drive (VFD). Our equipment is installed worldwide: USA, Middle East, South America and etc. As a rule, VFDs are delivered by road and sea transport and have special transport recommendation like electrotechnical equipment. In the process of transportation, products are constantly under Vibro-impact loading. Of course, such loading conditions have a negative impact on electronics components, fastening elements and special construction elements which have a direct influence over device operation. For example, we are often confronted with the missing connectors, broken fuses, dropped the connecting elements design.
Almost forgot about packing. The transport conditions effect on the integrity of the product packing. Again the package depends on the appearance of the product. In our practice, we have encountered cases, when, because of the transportation process broken package, VSDs came with a crumpled case, bent doors, etc. I think the package is a separate theme for a conversation, so here I only briefly mentioned the problems that may arise in the transportation process.
Now let’s talk about the main problems of VFD storage.
After transporting the product comes to the place of storage. Some customers have special warehouses, some use a facility like depot and some leave product outside. Here comes a general problem: corrosion and elements failure due to temperature. The main reasons for these problems are damaged product package or not correctly selected the storage location. As you can see, transportation and storage have greatly influenced the business and they are required in the whole production procedures, from manufacturing to delivery to the final consumers and returns. Only good coordination between each component would bring benefits to a maximum.
What are the tips to prevent all these matters? In our company we use the following technologies to prevent all the above problems:
– product testing on shake test bench;
– the use of high-quality components with maximum possible working temperature and humidity ranges;
– specially designed package for storing and shipment in various climatic condition;
– the use of special connectors with latches;
– the use of special corrosion-resistant material for the cases;
If you are faced with other problems or have any ideas on how to solve these feel free to contact me. I will be glad to discuss with you any question.

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