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The way we were opting suppliers of submersible equipment


Three months ago, our department has got an interesting task to equip the first batch of a Triol’s new product line – submercible equipment.

Made a team meeting, analysed a complete set and came to a conclusion that the task is not so easy as we thought. There are a lot of new marshals, which market was not explored before. It was decided, that two leading purchasing managers should fulfill that task. The main criteria of opting for our new suppliers were chosen – reliability, quality, price and terms. Traced a strategy of our activity: divided all marshals to the known positions and the new ones. And…over the top!

Our team always aim at cooperating with a manufacturer , as it gives us the possibility to reduce the terms, receive a quick quality feedback, reduce the price, and of course, to understand the manufacturing process and compliance with working conditions.

We understood, that even have a preliminary list of suppliers, we can not ensure the reliability of manufacturers and quality of their products that is why we need to get more information on that directions.

The reliability of a supplier we could evaluate on the basis of its cooperation with another companies, audit making and negotiating process with general managers. Through personal experience, I can assert that during corresponding with sales managers, many important things can be found out, as they embody company’s culture. Though, having made a reliability estimation, we have chosen a range of big manufacturers such as “Dedal-provod” Lim., “Hurt” Lim., “Virial” Lim, “Izhevsky opytno-mekhanichesky zavod” CJSC, “Indor”Lim, Century Techmag Limited, FEIYA INTERNATIONAL GROUP LTD.

Now, we have faced another stage – execution of contracts and receiving of trial models for checking of marshals’ quality. Delivery terms were higher than we can allow for us and we have started a conversation about their optimization. The result was achieved, suppliers had met our needs in many issues! It allowed us to make a preliminary delivery calendar and unveiled it to Manufacture Department.

After its approval, we reached the stage of controlling the process of agreement observation by steps.

The trial models were received, the tests were done and the quality of goods was validated for batch purchasing. I want to point out that there were no manufacturers, who can not certificate the quality of their products! And it gives us the possibility to confirm the calendar of delivery time. Further, everything goes as it was planned, including negligeable add-ons and deviations.

Currently, all contacts that were executed during the launching of new product line are working and delivery of goods is taken place according to the contracts. We are thankful to business partners, who help us to make a successful launch of a new product line and planning to develop mutual beneficial partnerships between our companies!

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