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Time Proved Approach: Triol Long Run Solutions


How is a common production flow set up?

The digital age is a dynamic and unpredictable time requiring great flexibility and decisiveness from people trying to catch up with modern trends. But, as the saying goes, genius lies in simplicity, and the most fascinating inventions are often based on time proved discoveries. A timeline of a manufacturing company completely consists of pioneer products implementation, upgrading, and phasing out. New solutions force out old-school technologies from the market, and Customers are compelled to replace their equipment with its later versions in order to enable a manufacturing process continuation and obtain proper technical support.

But what if another approach exists?

Triol Corporation demonstrates the polar opposite approach and provides 24/7 technical assistance for every product under the brand name of Triol, which includes a warranty and post-warranty maintenance during the whole equipment lifetime. The notion is valid even for the products brought out of production. This fundamental concept ensures both our Company and our standing Partners to follow the course to prosperity confidently. Triol Corporation manifests its devotion to a supreme quality, which brings its obligations to a groundbreaking level.

What does top reliability mean?

 The technological solutions supplied by the Company regularly undergo changes related to their modernization on an ongoing basis. Nevertheless, even products, that are no longer in production and regenerated into up-to-date solutions, keep on their living on Customers’ sites and perform an effective operation in order to provide benefits to their owners.

Here are some examples of such implementations, which became known from reference letters sent back to the manufacturer:

  • low-voltage variable frequency drive Triol AT04 is installed at a power company and operates without failures for more than 13 years with a regular load;
  • low-voltage variable frequency drive Triol AT01 is installed at an enterprise of heat supply and performs a trouble-free operation for 18 years;
  • soft starter Triol AC11 operates for more than 12 years at a ferroalloy plant under severe conditions with increased dust concentration and ambient temperature.

Triol brand has established itself at the market as a supplier of reliable and durable electrical equipment. Although it is no longer possible to find those items on the list, all the mentioned products proceed to function successfully at Customers’ facilities and to deliver them fair profit. There is no need to stop utilizing such devices due to the fact that their operation is still smooth even upon expiry of a 12-year period in an aggressive environment and continuous mode.

And what about innovations?

Triol recipe for success comprises an organic combination of traditions and innovations. This allows us to keep our best practices and supplement them with brilliant and advanced ideas, in order to get something valuable and unique as a result. Our Company’s activities are currently saturated with new developments revealing fantastic solutions, that have already proved themselves:

  • Triol AK06 PC variable speed drive is designed for controlling progressive cavity pumps and has the “Pick-up” function at turbine rotation; also it is able to perform recuperation of energy back to the network when there is installed an active rectifier; this solution redefines energy efficiency and eliminates a possibility of a backward descent of a fluid column;
  • double acting Triol Linear Electric Submersible Pump DA has improved efficiency, as it pumps fluid at both strokes and increases the flow rate to 250 bpd; this product also has a number of new modifications, such as a special corrosion-resistant coating for a particularly aggressive environment;
  • low-voltage Triol AT24 MP variable frequency drive with IP rating of 22/44 is purposed for operation on offshore platforms and is designed for efficient control of one or several motors, as well as pumps, conveyors, industrial installations and air conditioning systems; also this product has acquired an ability to execute cooling via a liquid circuit, which allows it to be utilized in a restricted airspace.

What knock-on effect is expected to occur?

Triol Corporation continuously perfects presented products and comes out with new concepts for a diverse list of industrial sectors. By purchasing Triol equipment, our Customers obtain effective solutions basing on reliable and time proved execution combined with the most advanced technologies. This choice ensures their sustained wellness and a long-running success due to the fact that our products evince the highest degree of indestructibility and have no need of any modernization for decades. And our post-warranty Customer care helps to gain insights into the most contingent situations arising onsite.

If you are looking for a solution to feel confident about the future, contact our managers to find more about the Triol products!


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