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The top pieces of customer service expert advice on key commissioning challenges and the way of their solutions


Here’s a bonanza of tips for improving the customer service and the customer experience in your organization for now and future.

My name is Artem and I am a customer service technical expert. It is not surprising that my job requires business trips where effective communication is vital for the success of the business whereas I often face the typical problems of commissioning.

The customer faces often the challenge of comissioning service when gets new equipment. Why does it happen? With vast experience in dealing with customers, I have spent not an hour to identify the main reasons for that. What have I received in the conclusion?

1. In all kinds of manufacturing industries close and stable relationship between manufacturers and their customers seems to be an extra important thing in boosting overall. The customer has long-term relationship with the same manufacturer. When buying a new product, the customer faces difficulties to switch from one interface to another that is completely new and unusual. As a result, we get these questions: «Why does it work this way? What is it for? Why the others have another something… and so on”

2. On the new equipment implementation phase, the majority of the employees usually take two opposite positions: some are completely satisfied with the new technique, whereas others say: “It does not appear to be working… like at all!”

3. The primary stage of new products commissioning requires the customer company’s employees to learn a large amount of new information: to get acquainted with the basic requirements for the functioning and also to implement the product in operation. Thus the usual amount of work should be doubled at the time of introduction.

4. Provided product documentation does not meet or does not contain the full information for easy commissioning.

What is my opinion for these problems solution?

The new products problem of choice is encountered often, whether it’s a mobile phone, a car or any technique in general. And in VSDs case, that can be a small disaster even! For example, consumers in the US are accustomed to the simple interface controller, displaying no more than 5 parameters with the most ordinary VSD management using only buttons remoted from the operator’s compartment. Whereas the Middle East customers prefer the industrial interface controller more – the controller, where they can find many parameters and characteristics. Based on the above, we can conclude that the solution to this problem requires the most effective preparation in assisting the users in work with our equipment. In order to get that done we provide complete information about the product and when its possible we carry out initial commissioning together with the development engineer, the one who is able to show and train staff.

I can tell from experience, that “it does not appear to be working” problem can be easily solved. The employee, whose commissioning process passes not very efficient, generates a list of issues and raises the problem he faced. In its turn, the manufacturer has to provide complete requested information and support that specialist.
To solve the problem with reluctant staff training, at the stage of entering into commercial operation I propose to assign to each section decision-makers, who will have the right to encourage or use repressive sanctions based on the result of the product launch.

By understanding the customer expectations and knowing how to set and meet them, you can go a long way to achieve high customer satisfaction. The customers aware of difference between good and bad service. Use information in order to set expectations correctly. Then implement the strategies I’ve recommended to make sure you meet expectations to keep customers happy and to guaranty everything is running as smoothly as possible.

Don’t forget to apply the effective communication practices, because they are an integral part of your business success.

In case you faced other problems in the process of commissioning or know other ways of solving the aforementioned problems I will be glad to discuss them with you.

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