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Triol AK06 – reliable and universal application for oil companies


Triol Corporation as one of the leading companies-developers and manufacturers of electro technical equipment never ceases to amaze its loyal Customers and the world unique products. Moreover, the technology of Triol VSD has already established itself as a reliable and universal application for oil companies. If your oil company needs to make full use of the generators – Triol АК06 VSD is the best solution.

Triol AK06 Variable Speed Drive (VSD) with 18-pulse input, filtered PWM output, NEMA4X (stainless steel) enclosure is designed for controlling and protecting of electric submersible pumping units for crude oil production equipped with electric submersible inductive motors (ESM), permanent magnet motors (PMM) or equivalent, offers enhanced motors performance, reliability and system integration options for electric submersible pumps (ESP’s).
– Completely sealed enclosure compatible for desert and tropical environments, also available in stainless steel for offshore applications;
– Smooth Electric Submersible Pump (ESP) start, full control and protection during operation;
– Real-time process monitoring, analysis and control;
– «Flying start» mode allows starting the ESP while it is back spinning decreasing downtime;
– Various «Rocking start» modes unlock the ESP in case of mechanical jam saving time and money on round trip operations;
– Maintaining process parameters (pressure, level, pump, vibration), output current and motor speed;
– «Soft Start with Synchronization» algorithm holding output frequency for a present time upon the start prior to its further increase;
– Motor current optimization through automatic adjustment of output voltage to frequency ratio at any given frequency;
– Periodic operation between two preset frequencies, maintains oil level needed for the ESP to keep running, while keeping the oil flowing compared to on-off periodic modes where the oil could drain back if the check valve fails.
The VSD design provides possibility for replacement of all basic modules, functional units and circuit boards in the field. All couplings and connections between units and circuit boards are detachable and demountable; there is no need to perform soldering when replacing any failed unit inside the VSD.

Triol АК06 VSD is an effective tool to improve the reliability of Your workflow. You can get more information about the development by clicking the link.

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