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Triol AK06 VSD with AHF – a brand new solution for improvement of oil production efficiency


Triol Corporation, one of the leading developers and manufacturers of electrical equipment, introduces its latest product. Triol AK06 VSD with a built-in active harmonic filter (AHF) is a new effective solution for oil producers. This new VSD is intended for control and protection of electrical submersible centrifugal pump units with electric submersible motors, thus ensuring safety of oil extraction process.

AK06 VSD with AHF consumes harmonic current while retaining the full functionality for ESP management. Multipurposeness of the drive allows operation both with induction and permanent magnet ESP motor. In addition, AHF module compensates the reactive power consumed by variable speed drive. Therefore, the unit improves efficiency of power line utilization and prolongs technical lifetime of its components (cables, transformers, etc.).

Advantages of using Triol AK06 VSD with AHF:
– High reliability: in case of AHF failure, VSD continues to operate while only the inner part of the built-in AHF turns off;
– Minimum size of installation including mono-cabinet VSD’s up to 630 A);
– Ability to turn off the filter (provided by separate automatic device);
– No need to provide additional space for a stand-alone AHF;
– No additional power supply cables.

Triol AK06 VSD with AHF is reasonable to apply on remote production sites powered by long electric lines and generators. Active harmonic filter enables the full usage of generator power and reduces the loss from higher harmonics and reactive currents.

The unit also provides protection of the whole system from power ESD.

Triol AK06 VSD with AHF is your new effective way to automate oil extraction, ensure the reliable power supply and make the overall operating process safe, reliable, and sustainable.

Triol Corporation always offers only future-proof solutions for you!

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