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Triol AK06 VSD with dual cabinets


Hello everybody!

Hope you had a great Thanksgiving weekend.

I’ve got some really great news for you that I’m going to share in the blog. 

We developed and successfully finished all the tests for our new solution: Triol AK06 VSD line UD and CP with dual cabinets.

Let me name the tests we performed to confirm the quality of this solution:

  • Electrical tests (product performance under the rated load, as well as with supply voltage deviations + 10% and -15%, also with an overload of 120% for 60 seconds, measurements of THD value of by input current and voltage);
  • Climatic (tests at ambient temperature + 140 °F);
  • Functional (checking the synchronization of control signals formation into the inverter of each cabinet; transferring the operation of a dual-cabinet product to single-cabinet mode).

This solution is implemented in Triol AK06 VSD line UD starting from 1800 A to 3000 A. Line CP is available from 1200 A up to 2000 A.

Triol new solution for AK06 dual-cabinet drives allows to:

  • increase the reliability of equipment through the new circuit solutions;
  • speed up commissioning by optimizing the number of connections;
  • use each cabinet as a separate drive (for example, two independent cabinets with a rated current of 1500 A each can be formed from a dual-cabinet drive with a rated current of 3000 A);
  • protect both individual and integrated dual-cabinet drives.


After testing and improving drives’ performance we achieved the following results:

–  input and output currents misbalance between the cabinets not more than 7%;

– for CP line, THDi is not more than 3.5% in the VSD loading range from 44% to 100%, which meets the requirements of IEEE519.


Hope, you’ll find my blog interesting.
Contact me right away if you have any questions!



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