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Triol AK06 VSD with input active harmonic filter


Hello! First let me introduce myself. I am Roman Manshin, Team Leader, Technical department at Triol Corporation. Today I would like to tell you about our Triol AK06 variable speed drive input active harmonic filter (IAF) and their benefits.
What is Triol AK06 VSD with input active harmonic filter? This is well-known Triol AK06 for ESP units but with IAF integrated in to the VSD’s cabinet. What does this solution give to a customer? It is a full functional for operation of ESP units based on induction or permanent magnet synchronous motors and previously accumulated algorithms (basic functionality of Triol AK06) but with much less consumption current distortions.
Where it is necessary:
• at remote sites with long power transmission lines lines;
• with generators using (if powering from a generator);
• for compliance with IEEE519 standard.

Triol AK06 with IAF affords an opportunity to use a full rating of generators, reduces losing power because of upper harmonics and reactive currents.
What about competitive solutions?
First solution was a Triol AK06 VSDs with active rectifier, Triol AK06 with IAF is a new generation of this equipment. Another variant is a standard variable speed drive for ESP plus stand-alone active filter (Danfoss, ABB etc.)

Why is Triol AK06 with IAF better than VSD with active rectifier?
• fail-safety: VSD still serviceable with failure active filter, it is possible to turn off only the filter;
• smaller dimensions: all VSDs with current rating up to 630 A are monolithic;
• possibility to disconnect filter (separate switch)

A disadvantage compared with the active rectifier is that it is impossible to regenerate energy back to a power supply network. It is need to regenerate energy back to power supply network only in catching-up mode of operation of ESP if there is no a back valve. This mode of operation is very rare.
All considered we decided to produce Triol AK06 with IAF.

Сompetitive advantages of Triol AK06 with IAF are:
• monolithic VSD with active filter plus output sine wave filter in almost the same size cabinet as usual VSD and this drive can operate induction and permanent magnet synchronous motors (multi-use);
• no need to have a place for stand-alone harmonic filter;
• no need to have extra power cables;
• no need to install a separate active input harmonic filter.
Triol AK06 are availeble in two versions: with IP43 enclosure for operation at -60⁰C…+50⁰C temperature and NEMA 4/4X enclosure for operation at -20⁰C…+60⁰C temperature.

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