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Triol AT24 Marine Multidrive is a cherry on the cake


The product range of Triol Corporation has” topped-up”. The Customer has got the first Variable Frequency Drive Triol AT24 Marine Multidrive with capacity 500 kW for steering device.

Triol VFD is built on the principle of multidrive (check more on
Here is the list of challenges faced by developers:

• Built-in reliability: the service life is 30 years, operation is in conditions of vibration and pitching, salt spray atmosphere;
• Compliance with SR;
• Functional requirements: 4 controllers operate at the same time;
• Ensuring stringent EMC requirements.

Triol VFD has successfully passed factory tests and certification. It complies with EMC requirements according to the “Part IV. Rules for Technical Supervision during Construction of Vessels and Manufacture of Materials and Products for Vessels (ND № 2-020101-040). Industrial radio interference technology equipment. Methods of appraisal and test. ”

The certified test center “Research Institute of electrical mechanics” confirmed the compliance of Triol AT24-M with such requirements:
• Thermal stability,
• Cold rigor,
• Moisture resistance,
• Frost and dew resistance.

We are glad to announce that Triol VFD 800 kW is being developed as a set with a step-down transformer for a feed-pump. Due to that we face a new technical challenge: ensure 120% of rated output current for 60 sec.

We are happy to take this step forward!

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