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Triol AT24 Multidrive as a new solution for wells drilling


Triol Corporation announces low-voltage variable speed drive Triol AT24 Multidrive. It is designed for drawworks motors and rotary table control.

Application of this variable speed drive allows to accomplish the following operations: start, acceleration, deceleration, stop and control of motor rotation frequency. Furthermore, Triol AT24 ensures the acceleration and braking action with given parameters and reverse. Motor protection from short circuit currents and overloads is the main function of this equipment. User can control several motors of drilling rig from one workplace because of distinctive design features. Compact dimensions of variable speed drive allow to minimize the cost for communication between drilling site items.

The main distinctive features of new variable speed drive are:

  • different types of motor control: closed loop vector control, open loop vector control, U/F control;
  • forced air ventilation system;
  • emergency stop function;
  • inbuilt supply line ultra-rapid fuses;
  • support of Profibus industrial protocols;
  • demountable liquid crystal control panel that demonstrates several actual parameters simultaneously.

Variable speed drive (voltage 690V) consists of entrance cabinet, rectifier cabinet, inverter and braking copper. Operational temperature of Triol AT24 Multidrive varies from -20°С to +40°С. This equipment has IP-54 ingress protection rating.

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