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Triol AT24 Multidrive Systems


Hello everybody!

As you’re reading this, thank you for your attention to my blog!
Earlier we had a talk about the construction of large-scale, complex systems of automation. Today, I propose to continue the conversation about the control and automation systems in the context of Triol AT24 multidrive systems. So …
Each motor needs a drive!
In fact, Triol AT24 multidrive is a low-voltage frequency converter, able to work with asynchronous and PM motors. Providing reliability and stability of the engines themselves, protecting them against overload, overcurrent, overvoltage, etc … So, as well, the whole system – having the opportunity to work in a mode of maintaining a particular process, either communicate with external sensors and system regulators themselves.
How is it different from the variety of others?
Multidrive is able to control the X number of engines at the same time, oh yes, C-O-N-T-R-O-L.
Multidrive is a set comprising the lower and upper-level control systems, a complex filter-of compensating devices and a set of power units (rectifiers and inverters) with integrated controllers for each of the X motors.
The modular solution allows you to configure a set to suit your needs, optimize process control, and ensure the operational management even when emergency situations occur. Arrange a single control unit by unloading automation system, and reduce the response time for changed parameters by lowering the intermediate control points.
In addition, such a single complex will have a significant reduction in operating costs, starting from investments – transferring engines over the drive from the control up to the cost-effective introduction of such a system in operation, with a consequent reduction in energy consumption and an increase in operational terms.

Feel free to ask me!

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