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Triol AT24 MULTIDRIVE – up-to-date opportunities for drilling


AT24 multidrive
Triol Corporation presents Triol AT24 MULTIDRIVE low-voltage variable frequency drive for drilling devices.
We are presenting a new Triol Corporation product– a variable frequency drive Triol AT24 MULTIDRIVE for draw works mechanisms and rotary tables electric engines control.
This VFD provides start, speed-up, slow-down, stop and other modes of mechanisms rotation control. Besides Triol AT24 MULTIDRIVE ensures acceleration and slowdown according to set-up parameters and verso. One of the main functions of our product is a short circuit and overload protection of the engines. Due to construction peculiarity the operator can run several engines of the whole drilling device at once from one working place. Along with that a space effective execution of drive allows saving the expenses for construction of communications between objects on a drillfloor.
We would like to point out following peculiarities of VFD among others:
• Two types of drive control : vector control in a close looped system with a feedback on a speed and in an open loop system without a feedback, and scalar control – voltage/frequency correlation U/F management;
• Compulsory air ventilation system;
• Emergency stop function;
• Built-in network super-fast fuses;
• Profibus protocol support;
• Adjustable liquid LCD remote control for simultaneous representation of several current parameters.
Triol AT24 MULTIDRIVE 690 V consists of an entry cabinet, a rectifier cabinet, an inverter and a braking chopper. Operating temperature is from -20 to +40°С, protection level IP54.
Triol –brilliant ideas come to life with the best quality!

More information about our company is available here https://www.youtube.com/TriolCorp

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