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Triol AT27 and Sine filter – perfect match


Our converter systems are widely used in the oil industry.

Variable speed drives (VSDs) Triol AT27 ensure partial load mode of motor operation in comparison with two-level VSDs. It is achieved by many-level building system of output voltage. Current semiconductor devices don’t allow to develop cost-effective, high power and relatively compact VSD in two-level version using the minimal quantity of components that is important for entire system reliability.

The «illness» of all converters is overvoltage on motor terminals that appears because of long line properties and specialty of output voltage formation. It influences directly on drive motor lifetime. High-voltage motors of old design don’t assume the operation from converter devices with high frequency modulation. Start of old design motor from VSD may cause failure of motor much faster than usage of across-the-line and reactor start. It is an open secret, that continuous operation of old design motor from VSD without special measures acceptance reduces its lifetime.

Progress doesn’t stay still. Sine filter for VSD Triol AT27 was developed in accordance with Customer’s needs. This device allows to extend the motor lifetime significantly. The second life becomes possible for old design motors, which even wouldn’t «recognize» the substitution of power-line sine wave.

Outputvoltage of Triol AT27 obtains absolutely another view after sinus filter installation. Now it ideally copies the shape of input sine wave. Reduction of higher-harmonic quantity in the output VSD voltage leads to the heat decrease of motor winding. This fact was proved by laboratory research and motor start at Customer’s enterprise using Triol AT27.
Heat decrease of electrical machine stator winding excludes the insulation quick ageing. As a result, winding insulation breakdown is prevented beforehand. In other words, VSD Triol AT27 with sine filter guarantees the major extension of electric motor lifetime.

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