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Triol AT27 is great decision for central heating and power plant!


Energy saving is one of the top-priority tasks for the fuel and energy sector development. Equipment for the Central heating and power plant (CHPP) auxiliaries and heat supply facilities (fans, pumps) consume about 70% of output energy. Therefore the main goal of energy complex is reducing of energy consumption. This problem could be solved with help of variable frequency drive (VFD).

Triol Corporation recommends installing multilevel medium-voltage VFDs Triol AT27 for the control of exhaust and forcing fans, compressors, water pumps, draft fans, etc. VFDs implementation in technical chain has advantages and disadvantages: increasing of energy efficiency performance and reducing of technical line reliability. Therefore the particular attention is paid for the reliable VFD choosing. High-voltage alternating current motors with 3/6/10 kV station auxiliaries voltage should be controlled by variable frequency drives with IGBT-transistors.

We guarantee that VFD Triol meets high requirements:
1. Triol AT27 operates without the reduction of output power even if voltage slump equals to 15% of nominal voltage. If voltage slump equals to 30% of nominal voltage than VFD Triol AT27 continue functions with power reduction.
2. If there is no voltage during 1-5 sec VFD turns on repeatedly so that motor continues to operate accordingly to the task.
3. VFD provides the rotated motor catch on the fly and network connection during 30 sec.
4. Triol AT27 is protected from short circuit by power ground.
5. Excess-voltage suppressors are installed in the VFD for the protection of overvoltage in supply mains.
6. Extend protection sets save working capacity of VFD and technical process. You can get more information in manual (link to manual).
7. Specific operation algorithms take into account work features with different load types. For example:
a. VFD controls fan during braking process and doesn’t allow to it switch into generator mode.
b. VFD takes motors into electric main that doesn’t correspond to the GOST with distortion by 3-d and higher harmonic.
8. Control system works simultaneously with 5 motors in the mode “Cascade”. It reduces spends on the purchase of equipment and exploitation costs.
9. Choice function between two sections of input voltage is implemented in the control cabinet.
10. We have developed compact VFD especially for the limited space. For example, VFD Triol AT27 (power 1,6 MVt) has dimensions 3300х2300х1250 mm (WхDхH) and weight 6200 kg.

Economic assessment of Triol AT27 installation at your facilities is made by our medium-voltage equipment sales manager.

Triol Corporation helps to realize energy-efficiency strategy!

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