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Our Corporation History


Back in 1993 Triol Corporation was established in Kharkiv, Ukraine, as a company that specialized in design and manufacturing of power electronics. Right from the start, we knew our path and confidently began to develop solutions that become world-widely known for their reliability and versatility.


We launched the first development lab;

This very year we produced our first IGBT Frequency Drive that turned out to be a total success on CIS countries market.


Triol Corporation opened the first facility.


We developed the first software for Triol products.


Our Company received an internationally recognized Quality Management System certificate ISO-9001;

Start of manufacturing according to internationally certified quality management system ISO-9001;

We launched our first Variable Speed Drives manufacturing for ESP that are now the most-requested solution implemented all over the world due to its universal and efficient design for operation in harsh environmental conditions.


Triol Corporation started implementing VSDs in the oil industry. Prior to this year, we focused on developing equipment for Public Utilities.


The number of employees exceeded 1000 people.


Triol was granted the first patent of Variable Speed ​​Drive for Electric Submersible Pump.


We opened the second facility.


We implemented a frequency drive for water supply systems;

We opened the third facility.


Our Company began to work with the worldwide industrial market expanding products’ implementation horizons. That remarkable year the new era has begun.


Triol Corporation launched the first Service Center. This allowed us to perform high-quality technical support, after-sales services, commissioning, failure diagnostics, trainings of personnel and more.


We significantly increased our market shares at the global level and strengthen our positions in the world of industrial technologies;

Development of the first block-box Variable Frequency Drive was another proof of our dedication and confidence in the bright future on the global industrial market.


We were the first to install a high accuracy Downhole Measuring System Triol TM01.


We opened our branch office in the USA to increase our impact on the market as manufacturer;

We care about our Customers’ time as a result Triol Warehouse is officially opened and available for Customers;

Triol gained UL certificate for Variable Speed Drive Triol AK06 Triol developed and launched manufacturing of Triol UMKA07 Controller for VSDs implementing all modern market trends.


We successfully implemented Linear Electric Submersible Pump EP01 in the USA;

Expanding the boundaries, Triol established itself as a premium, reliable manufacturer, therefore gaining RETIE certificate for Variable Speed Drive Triol AK06.


Triol opened new branch offices all over the world to be closer to our Customers providing outstanding services in a particular region, taking into account its requirements for successful operation.

Today Triol Corporation is proud of:

non-stop operation of Variable Frequency Drives in water supply systems for 7 years;

development of highly efficient solutions for oil production;

release of three generations of controllers, five generations of frequency drives, four generations of VSDs;

Our history goes on with new opportunities to take and solutions to design. We love what we do and that’s our key to success!