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Triol Corporation celebrates 25 years of experience and success


Twenty-five years just rushed in a blink of an eye and look at us now: a worldwide, transcontinental manufacturer of electrical equipment with offices all over the world and a bundle of equipment development experience.

Gaining expertise in electrical equipment design we made the way from simple frequency drives to unique solutions that are implemented in different corners of the world. We broadened our product line and expanded the segments of the industry to work with. Now we design universal VSDs, Downhole Measuring Systems, Low and medium voltage VFDs, products that have no analogs on the market like Linear Electric Submersible Pump EP01.

Triol is trusted by the most influential industrial companies which can be only a sign of success and high quality. We always follow our main goal: offer things that no one else can offer you! We see new opportunity in any challenge.

We are IEC, CE, and UL certified manufacturer: our products are safe and reliable.

We are actively holding webinars where we share all the newest ideas and solutions based on our products, together with participating in key industry conferences and exhibitions.

Through these years we proved to be a top-class solution provider that is chosen by the leaders on the global industrial market. 

We are grateful for your trust and support. Hoping Triol 25th birthday is the start of a new era of prosperity and new horizons! The best is yet to come!

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