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Triol HIVE based on ITA technology


Hello, Readers, Friends, Partners, and Customers!

Triol Corporation is permanently improving its products and in this blog, I’m going to share with you development for our company – HIVE system based on Triol Interactive Technology Assistant (ITA).

The purpose of the technology is to reduce the costs of maintenance due to the failure of preventative repairing. This solution is able to provide the most rapid monitoring, quality management and reliable control of the equipment.

And what is HIVE system?

HIVE system based on Triol ITA is a cross-platform application with a web-interface.

This means that Triol HIVE works with any gadget connected to a computer network or Internet by wired or wireless access.

Triol HIVE provides the following functions:

The user (operator, supervisor, engineer) can remotely control, manage and receive warnings about the occurrence of a pre-emergence or emergency situation.

Triol HIVE is a modern complex of storage, delineation of rights, and access security in case of a loss of communication with the control system, all data will be stored “on demand”,

You get the access to the equipment data at any time any place. Through the Web server, you analyze the current process and you can set the parameters of the equipment operation.

Triol HIVE has an enhanced functionality, which is characterized, first, by the possibility of integration of all enterprise facilities into a single system, which ensures effective operation and reduces maintenance costs.

The user receives all the necessary information about the operation of the equipment, if there’s a pre-emergency state, emergency situation, or the need for repair.

Triol HIVE monitors all pieces of the equipment in the system and the user is able to analyze the functioning of the equipment, change thearameters, and ensure the smooth operation of the process.

The system provides an opportunity to store all the data during the operation in a cloud-based Web server with a differentiation of right and security access.

If you have any questions or suggestions, leave your comments I’m always ready for discussion!

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