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Triol HIVE system – new solution of automation of the oil production process


Oil production market dynamics tend to use diverse automated systems of various graphics and design solutions. They have a wide range of functionalities that cover the specifics of oil production in a single product.

HIVE system for oil production based on Triol ITA technology is a universal, user-friendly product that meets all the requirements of automation of the oil extraction process.

First of all, the system is aimed at convenience in using. You have full support provide by mail, Skype, chat, instant messengers. You’re able to see the state of the system, as well as the basic metrics after logging. For your convenience, you can create the necessary number of screens with the required widgets.

While developing the system we were focused on the visual display of the data. The adaptability of Triol HIVE is reflected in the ease of scaling the screen – from smartphones to 4K monitors.

Using HIVE system, you are able to operate the following functions:

  • The ability to remotely monitor and control the equipment, including a router.
  • Visualization of information, both graphically and in a table format.
  • Search function.
  • Alarm function.
  • Presence of static information about the device.
  • Display and control of mnemonics.
  • Display objects on the map.
  • Fast loading of service logs.
  • Interaction with other software.
  • Work with archived data.

Triol HIVE is a universal cross-platform application! You can easily control the work of Variable Speed Drives for submersible motors, ESP gauges, surface control panels, submersible motors, pumps, etc. With the effect of the implementation of HIVE system based on Triol ITA you will feel the difference!

Triol Corporation – new opportunities and perspectives for your equipment!

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