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Triol increasing market shares



Hi, all!

Several weeks had passed since I’m back from the UAE. And you know what? – 24 hours, per day it’s not enough. Last couple years we work hard to penetrate inside artificial lift market in the Middle East Region. And now we’re getting more and more volume on this market with LV VSDs supplying.

That’s why the new task for us is increasing our market shares in the region. So, with this task, we came to Abu Dhabi and Dubai. We split the task into several ways:

One of them is HVAC applications, on that business area middle east is the really big market, and may players based on UAE. So, we got the meeting with HVAC companies and agree to cooperate on that business (and yes, Triol has a different drives applications).

Also, and it’s my personal task and challenge is bring our MV Drives to the oil market. Since we start to work on projects for water injection systems with drives power ranges up to 2MW. We, also, take participation in several projects for horizontal pumping systems with pumps power up to 6MW.

But, for MV Drives it’s not all that we have. According to our case study in energy savings, we’re preparing the new solution for Artificial lift application. Want to know more about that – let me know.

During this productive trip, I was not alone. There, by my side was my colleague, our new Account Manager Suma Akkinepally. She is responsible for the MENA region and is going to be in the UAE permanently working with the industrial application.

In a couple of days, we will be on Kuwait SPE conference and after that, I’m going to Cairo, so see you there.


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