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Triol innovative solution for power distribution


Offering a new universal device Triol KH24 + Voltage Compensator, we tried to combine traditional functionality with the most effective solutions to neutralize the voltage dips and power surges.

The main task of this product is to provide high-quality power supply to the consumer with a minimum deviation from the rated current, eliminating the emergency stops of the equipment.

With Triol Voltage Compensator full power supply is possible even in case of emergency and abnormal conditions in electrical networks during whole operation process. Voltage is maintained on the load for 1 second in the absence of input voltage, which allows guaranteed transfer to the backup power line.

Main specifications of KH24 + Voltage Compensator:

  1. Compensation of the voltage dips of the supply network with a depth of up to 30% for an unlimited period of time.
  2. Ensuring the symmetry of the three-phase voltage on the load at KH24 + output.
  3. Operation in a bypass mode.
  4. A set of serial options:

– partial compensation of reactive power on the side of the network;

– compensation of high-frequency current harmonics consumed from the network.

  1. Fully autonomous, doesn’t require any control during operation.
  2. The implementation of internal compensator transfers it to the bypass mode without disconnecting the consumers.
  3. Compensation of the complete disappearance of the supply voltage to 3 seconds.

After implementation you will receive:

  1. Reduced risk of emergency equipment shutdown due to the voltage dips in the network.
  2. Reduced number of outages and increased productivity by eliminating downtime.
  3. Ensuring high quality of electricity consumption.
  4. Reduced accident rate of the equipment due to emergency stops.
  5. Minimization of loss of profit.

In addition to its main task – compensation of voltage distortions – Triol KH24 + Voltage Compensator performs a number of additional significant functions such as:

– protection against all types of short circuits;

– reduction of the output voltage to a sinusoidal form;

– reduction of power consumption;

– Compensation of odd harmonics.

A significant reduction in the financial and technological costs, the subsequent unreliability of energy consumption – this is the most tangible effect of the Voltage Compensator at the enterprise of our Customers.

You can learn more about the advantages, features and technical characteristics of Triol KH24+ Voltage Compensator from the catalogue “Voltage and current compensator, backup input device” or by contacting one of our experts.

Triol Corporation – we provide only quality power supply!

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