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Triol KH24 Voltage Compensator – consistency in profit


I welcome everyone interested in the details of the products of our company, fans of innovations and just good people! After a long break, I resume my blog, and today I will devote a few lines to one of the most popular products in the general industry – the compensator of supply voltage failures (dips). There is a lot of material, so I think my blog will cover a whole set of topics. I would like to start with an article that will help you to understand what this “voltage compensator” is and why it emerged as a product.

What do we mean by voltage dips?

According to GOST 13109-97, “voltage failure is a sudden voltage drop at the point of the mains supply below 0.9Un, followed by the restoration of the voltage to its original or close to the initial level after a period of time from ten milliseconds to several dozen of seconds.”

Thus, we can describe the failure using three main parameters:

  • Duration;
  • Depth;
  • Frequency.

The GOST standardizes only one of these indicators – the duration of the voltage drop, the maximum permissible value of which in the mains supply with a voltage of up to 20 kV should not exceed 30s. However, for the operating equipment that “hangs” on the power line, all three characteristics are important. For example, a failure down to 0.7Un over 10ms can trigger the disconnection of contactors and starters, and dips down to 0.4Un over 500ms can disengage the synchronous motor from synchronism or stall the asynchronous motor.

What are the causes of voltage failures?

 The causes of voltage failures are short circuits, which in turn are resulted by a number of objective and subjective reasons: lightning strikes, insulation pollution, mechanical damage to transmission towers, touching wires with foreign objects, erroneous actions of operational and repair personnel, etc. According to statistics, about 70% of the damage to 110 kV overhead networks occurs due to single-phase short circuits, around 20% is caused by two-phase or two-phase to earth short-circuits and approximately 10%  is attributable to three-phase short-circuits.

Therefore, we have to take into account the equipment shutdowns, caused by voltage dips, in the volumes of output, and accept them as a reality and inevitability.

How to avoid shutdowns caused by voltage failures?

At this point there are often slogans such as “how to combat a problem?”, “is there a solution?”. However, we need a result here, and the one hundred percent result. Therefore, we will exclude, eradicate shutdowns completely, forget them, same as the name of the man who burnt Artemis temple.

So, we need a device that can neutralize the dips of the mains supply from 10% to 70% of the nominal input voltage with a duration of less than 10ms with an efficiency close to 100%, and which passes through itself all the power consumed by the responsible for technical process equipment, entrusted to us.

There should be a drum roll. Then a theatrical pause.

Under this TOR, we developed the product of the Triol company – KH24.

And, the sign with the inscription “Applause” lights up!

Now, omitting the official part, I can say that this product really exists and is currently undergoing tests to confirm the quality and stated requirements. The first production site is ready to try the benefits of KH24 application. In my following articles, I will talk about the results of its implementation. In the meantime, feel free to prepare questions, prioritize the sequence of the issue on the topic and leave your comments!

P.S. In the following issues:

– the principle of operation of KH24;

– KH24 operating modes;

– what if the voltage is gone completely? – yes, we can cure this;

– what if the voltage is unbalanced? – yes, we treat that as well;

– and what if the failures are seasonal, but we need to cover our outlay on this product all the year round? – oh well, we can help here too.

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