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Low-voltage equipment

Triol KH24+ Voltage Compensator

Triol KH24+ Voltage Compensator

KН24+ voltage compensators will help you cut financial and process losses due to unreliable power supply of your enterprises.

KH24+ voltage compensator is designed to improve the quality of essential power supply voltage by eliminating voltage surges and dips on the three-phase voltage curves.

KH24+ is a dual energy converter with inputs connected to the supply system and outputs— to the consumer’s loads. Where necessary, KH24+ allows direct supply of the consumer’s loads from a 0.4 kW system.

KH24+ power circuit is based on IGBT-converters (voltage inverters), specialized booster transformer, high-speed thyristor switch, energy storage devices with charging units, and has a high-performance microprocessor control system.


  • Provides reliable continuous power supply to consumers in emergency and abnormal electric mains modes.
  • Eliminates phase asymmetry in a standard consumer supply mode.
  • Maintains the nominal voltage on the load side for 1 second in case of supply voltage failure, providing for reliable transfer of a backup power to the supply net.

KH24+ is a cabinet-type device with various functional designation of cabinets. It consists of a control cabinet, transformer cabinet, lead-in cabinet, power cell cabinetand two storage capacitor cabinets.

Parameter Value  
KH24+ intended purpose Ensuring reliable continuous power supply to consumer 
Efficiency in Standby mode, min. %99,7 
Efficiency in KH mode, min. %±10 % 99; 
±30 % 98; 
±50 % 96. 
Efficiency in UPS mode, min. %68,2 
Supply voltage (line), V380, 480, 690 
Supply voltage deviation, %±30, ±50 
Supply voltage unavailable, s1, 2, 3 
Supply frequency, Hz50, 60 
Load capacity, kW75, 110, 160, 200, 250, 320, 400, 500, 630, 800 
Max deviation of the output voltage, %±1 
Failure (overvoltage) response time, max. ms2 
Time to voltage compensation to the minimum value, max. ms8 
Output voltage, V380, 480, 690* 
Switching frequency, Hz2 
Communication in standard configuration  
Physical interface RS485 
Communication protocol Modbus RTU; Profibus DP 
Overheating of power semiconductor elements, software protection Emergency shutdown of KH24+ at excess target temperature of power semiconductor elements, bypass switching 
Software protection Bypass switching in the event of output short-circuit failure 
Cooling method Forced air 
Operating conditions  
IP rating IP20 
Height above sea level, max. m1000 
Operating ambient temperature, °С+1 to +40 (no condensation) 
Humidity 80 % @ +20 °С 
* The value is set by the customer. 


High reliability due to connection of the switching thyristor equipment and devices based on IGBT-modules on different sides of a specialized transformer.

Short KH24+ start-up time due to self-test of current and voltage measuring channels, analysis of microprocessor control and communication devices, checks of controllability and actuation of power switching and semiconductor devices.

Redundant auxiliary power supply voltage provided by a three-phase input from the Customer’s supply net and input from three-phase KH24+ output voltage as control voltage, with an auxiliary UPS for a main controller.

Unique efficient software algorithms allowing flexible reconfiguration of KH24+ based on the condition of supply voltage and the Consumer’s loads.

KH24+ operating modes:

  • Test mode
  • Standby mode
  • Voltage Compensation mode
  • UPS mode

Removable control panel featuring unique induction energizer technology. Multiple line control panel enables simultaneous display of several parameters. Text indication of error messages.

KH24+ cabinet’s layout and components are based on the Customer’s load capacity.