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Triol Linear ESP System


Triol Corporation is proud for more than 20 Years of Manufacturing Excellence!
Development and production of drives for Linear ESP motors as well as complete submersible systems according to the various requirements of Customers is a daily work for Triol Corporation. Our Customers` business depends on the quality of the submersible equipment. Therefore, we pay special attention to details. We provide “easy to choose” high-efficiency and conventional components, ideal for any ESP operation.
One of Triol Corporation innovations is Triol Linear electric submersible pump system (LESP). Triol LESP is designed for operating at the wide range of wells flow rate, for which artificial lift equipment is unacceptable because of low oil quantity. We have also developed variable speed drive Triol AK06, which is able to work not only with Triol UMKA controller, but with controllers from other manufacturers. You can choose and install the controller for Triol VSD AK06 according to your preferences and operation conditions on the field.
Triol Linear ESP is submerged into the oil liquid through down-hole casing. By virtue of the thrust generated by alternating magnetic field and permanent magnet mover, linear motor directly drive the pump plunger for reciprocating motion to raise the crude oil to the ground. High-quality components of in-house production ( allow you to get what you need and not just what is in stock, but completely customized product.

A unique solution for marginal oil wells, replaces the sucker rod pump with the following advantages:
• There are no rods going up and down, so it can be operated on deviated and horizontal oil wells;
• No rods – thus no friction of rods and higher reliability;
• Operates on oil wells down to 3500 m (11 483 ft) depth;
• Effective for wells with output from 0.8 to 38 m3/day (5 to 240 bpd);
• Reduced time of installation and commissioning;
• Reduced service costs, due to elimination of complicated parts of centrifugal pumps;
• No gas locking;
• The possibility to use LESP system on a wider range of wells where Sucker Rod Pumps can’t be used for reasons like: 1) Large well depth 2) directional wells 3) the absence of the possibility to install the donkey head surface equipment;
• Simple regulation of depression compared to Sucker Rod Pumps, which is important for complex wells with high salt and solid parts content;.
• The size and quantity of metal are by 30 times less than at a Sucker Rod Pump, no need for bulky construction of the surface part of the pump jack.

Create Your Own Customized Product easily with Triol team!
For more information about based on Triol LESP system, feel free to contact our team

Product quality begins with the selection of Triol Corporation Equipment

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