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Triol Medium Voltage equipment in APAC region



Hello Everyone!

It’s been a long time since my last blog. During this time lots of work was done.

APAC and I team had  trips to China, India, Indonesia, Thailand. We agreed on cooperation with several service companies and OEMs in regions. We did a lot of work with our Partners in India and Thailand to promote new technology – reciprocating rodless linear ESP (LESP) from Triol.

But today let me share with You another news which we ready to announce. This is about MV VFD.

Probably the most popular way to run ESP or HPS is low voltage drives (same as we have – AK06). But medium voltage is also a big segment. We faced it in China, India, Thailand and other regions. The specific of Medium Voltage VFD requirements is that drivers should be indoor. It means VFD will be put in the control room or container with a cooling system to provide enough protection.

We analyze our competitors and didn’t find any solution for outdoor use of MV drives (like NEMA4). The main issues are dimensions (transportation is complicated VSD doesn’t fit in the container) and highly technical cooling system etc. All these facts create high costs.

Based on the experience in VFD manufacturing, Triol decided to develop the new solution in Medium Voltage drives for outdoor use. It will be VFD for the high-temperature environment, NEMA4 enclosure, and dimensions suitable for container transportation with ESP and HPS control application.

It would be great if You could share your own vision about this solution. What projects can we participate in this type of drive? In case of any questions, ideas or suggestions please contact me anytime for more detailed discussion.

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