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Daria Getsman

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Triol Partners visit


Triol is a company that puts our Partners first. We love what we do, that’s why we are leaders on the market of electrical equipment.
Last week we met our Partners from China – Beijing Catch New Technical Development Corp. This was the first time for our Friends in Ukraine and the city welcomed us with the warm and sunny weather. After an excursion, Catch delegation was extremely impressed by the scale of Triol full production cycle.  We showed the whole process of manufacturing Triol products: from little detail in the production process to assembly and testing.

According to the feedback, the main interest for our Partners is such Triol products as Triol AK06 VSD, LESP, and Downhole Measuring System TM01. Why? Because Triol AK06 VSD a universal solution for oil production which can work with any type of pump and motor, or Downhole Measuring System.

«Triol VSDs with NEMA4 enclosure and 12-18 pulse input have no analogs among Chinese manufacturers» – said CATCH representatives.

«Triol unique LESP is one huge leap for the Chinese market and competitive product for the world of oil production» – said one of CATCH Key managers.

Downhole Measuring System TM01 has a built-in 6 communication protocols that are compatible with any type of communication channels.

«In China, such details as plates are outsourcing elements, but Triol designs even such a little element during the production cycle. This is impressive and worthy of respect» – said CATCH delegation member.

That’s why our Partners choose us as a reliable and qualitative manufacturer and supplier of electrical equipment. We are proud to receive such a positive and generous feedback and hope to see our Friends from China soon. 

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