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Triol Robot Diaries: New Generation


Being a scientific company means constant improvement and new tasks. Triol Corporation is always ready to take any challenge, that’s why development of Triol Robot is one of the most promising current projects. There are so many robot types and models that are already helping people to successfully cope with variety of tasks. They surely differ in purpose, functions and looks. Triol Robot was initially designed as an assistant for helping people in daily routine.

Now, we are actively working on the development of second prototype of Triol Robot.  The complex of solutions and algorithms we implemented earlier allowed us to successfully launch the kinematic gait and now we are working on the movement with keeping the balance.

We obtained a bundle of knowledge and technical skills working on the first sample that gave us a new view on the second prototype development.

We already developed the design and a new control system and we began to develop motion control algorithms.

 What technical solutions we implemented:

  • compact, protected design with large joint angles
  • large dynamic range of speed and torque of the joints
  • robot position and torque joint control
  • measuring system of force vector reaction
  • built-in independent power supply system
  • high speed data exchange between central controller and joints

The release of the second Triol Robot generation is already scheduled for this summer.

More information is yet to come, follow the news, stay in touch!

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