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Daria Getsman

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Living in the time of innovations, we are eager to find the best solutions for our Customers and Partners. As a part of the modern technologies, Robotics technology is growing fast every day.

Look around, robots are everywhere:  malls, drugstores, everyday life, even at your house. They help us to cope with many daily tasks.

Triol Corporation isn’t staying uninvolved as we designed our own Triol Robot RT01. Since then robotics is an integral part of Triol Corporation developments. Triol Robot RT01 was designed as a social robot to help people in different activities in the first place.

“Programming and planning robot stable walking is one of the most challenging parts of robot development”- said Pavel Trofimov, the Head of Robotics Development group.

And we’ve already made a huge leap in solving a number of tasks with robot moving functions. And there’s still a lot of work to do. That’s why our specialists use simulation tool for defining the most influential factor that affects robot balance.

Triol Robot RT01 now is undergoing several modifications to find the optimal volume of foot load.

More information is yet to come, follow the news, stay in touch!

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