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Daria Getsman

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Triol, Siemens and Dresser-Rand work on effective cooperation


There is no secret that Triol Corporation works on joint project of developing reliable tandem of impressive power and smooth control of powerful Dresser-Rand compressors. Saying “powerful” we mean customised projects, let’s say 5MW ones. In this case there is a need of reliable VSD (it is undoubtedly that unplanned stop of this mechanism can lead to unpredictable aftereffects).

At first, the joint supply includes variable frequency drive, motor, and the operating mechanism itself. What is operating mechanism? This last but not the least -ish is nothing else but compressor produced by leading German company – Dresser-Rand, Siemens motor and control system based on multipurpose medium-voltage frequency drive Triol AT27.

Also, we are ready to tell you about our new challenge – the reliability increase through implementation of drive power cells bypassing system, which allows us to combine power and reliability never seen at the typical scheme of our competitors. Challenge accepted! Thyristors we choose you! These tough cookies are able to put up with tenfold overloads which can (but must not) affect the work of motor. The brand new concept of failed power cells bypassing is at the final stage of testing.

One more thing to be told: as usual we use our standard solution – pure sine, so medium-voltage sinus-filter will be included to the product. This allows motor to work without damaging bearing current and impulse high-frequency current, causing unwanted losses in work of motor and dynamic impulse moments of PWM.

In order to increase the reliability of our product, we also implemented the system of fan reservation, which gives the ability to change one of the damaged fans at the cooling system of VFD without stops (breakdown of fan doesn’t stop the VFD operation process either).

It’s time to face the innovation, Ladies and Gentlemen. While you are only thinking about changes, we are making them and drive the World.

Looking forward to your comments and questions!

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