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Triol Solar

Triol Solar

Triol Solar Inverter is a complete system for distributing and converting solar energy in an alternative current.

Triol Solar Inverter is performed in a block-box design. All components, namely the VFD, drives, output transformer and switching equipment are built into the block-box for immediate installation.

Triol Solar is designed and implemented with the goal of generating ecologically clean solar electricity with its subsequent implementation into the common energy system.


  • Active and reactive power generating;
  • Search for the operating point of maximum power and maintenance in this mode;
  • Power supply and protection circuits are duplicated, the use of UPS to increase reliability;
  • Protection against isolation (anti-isolation);
  • Ability to collect and process data from the system of Commercial electricity accounting;
  • Availability of a fault diagnosis system, which promptly notifies about the occurrence of malfunctions, recording and storage of information about faults;
  • Ensuring a low level of interference created when the product works, both on the input and on the output, which does not exceed 4.5%;
  • Operation in a wide range of operating temperatures;
  • High level of efficiency of the inverter, not less than 98%, the efficiency of the transformer is not lower than 98%;
  • Availability of the function of recording work logs and a mechanism for analyzing emergencies;
  • Easy integration into the process control system;
  • Quick installation of the product.
  • Triol Solar inverter includes the most advanced technical solutions with optimized design for labor costs of installation, commissioning and maintenance.