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Triol solution for multi-pumping systems based on Variable Frequency Drive Triol AT27


Triol Corporation is constantly searching for the best solutions to offer.  As we develop and improve our medium voltage equipment we’d like to introduce Variable Frequency Drive Triol AT27 as a solution for controlling multi-pumping systems.

The solution includes:

  • Triol AT27 VFD voltage class 6 kV, rated output power 630 kW.
  • High-voltage commutation cabinet for cascade motor algorithm.
  • Cascade control cabinet.

Implementation of Triol AT27 VFD provides:

  • Soft start of the motor.
  • Reliability of work and prolongation of drive lifetime by reducing mechanical loads during direct starts.
  • Reducing the accident rate of equipment, the cost of repairs and maintenance.
  • Automation of technological parameters
  • Internal diagnostics system that allows determining the fault location in the converter at the level of its functional parts in case of protection systems operation.
  • Optimization of power consumption in stationary mode.

The drive also provides operating time for failure of at least 25,000 hours. If the power cell fails, its replacement will exceed less than 20 minutes.

The advantages of implementing Triol AT27 VFD for multi-pumping systems:

  • connection of the system to the upper-level control system via RS-485 port with the MODBUS RTU exchange protocol or other port in accordance with the requirements of the Customer.
  • protection of electric motors.

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